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Replica versus original equipment Toyota hubcaps

By Kurt Reis

If you own a base model Toyota, chances are you will sooner or later need a hubcap. While these vehicles are some of the most reliable on the road, loosing hubcaps can many times be a problem.

Toyota hubcaps can be very pricey at the dealership so many have gone online where they can be purchased much cheaper. One can save more that 50% off the dealers retail price by shopping online. But if you want original equipment Toyota hubcaps, the shopping experience can get confusing. There are online stores selling genuine Toyota hubcaps. There are also many online stores selling replica Toyota hubcaps and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. If you want genuine Toyota hubcaps, look for the Toyota logo in the center. All original Toyota hubcaps made on the last 10 years come with a factory Toyota emblem in the center. If a site states that there is no logo included, chances are they are a replica copy. Replica hubcaps are made by independent companies and closely resemble the original equipment. Because of trademark laws, they are unable to place a factory logo within them. A reputable store should state plainly if an item is a replica copy. A company should have nothing to hide if they have confidence in their product. Not that there is anything wrong with replica covers, especially for the many older Toyota vehicles still on the road. For these older vehicles where there is a scarcity of original hubcaps, replica's are a nice affordable option. Bottom line.....if you want the genuine article, look for the logo. For all your Toyota hubcap and wheel needs, please visit

About the author:
Kurt is the VP and general manager of Hubcap Heaven and Wheels in Cleveland, Ohio

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